High Quality Furniture Pieces

High quality furniture is the backbone of any well-designed room. Nothing ties a room together quite like gorgeous furniture pieces from Palm Furniture and Design in Palm Springs, CA. No matter the style, Palm Furniture and Design has all types of furniture available to our clients.

When We Say QUALITY, We Mean It!

At Palm Furniture and Design, we want only the best for our clients. That is why all of our furniture is manufactured locally. This ensures that only the best and comfortable of material is used in each piece. Unlike almost 70% of the furniture coming from overseas, furniture from Palm Furniture and Design does not utilize plywood, compressed wood, or cheap foam. All of the materials used surpass all California components for foam and quality materials.

We Don't Use The Term "Customized" Loosely

Palm Furniture and Design knows that our clients are individuals with their own taste and style. That is why we have a selection of over 500 different fabrics with many designs in our furniture lineup. If you find that you still do not like what you see, we will perform any modification you desire to any one of our designs. All of our craftsmen have been modifying and designing fine furniture for over 2 decades, and it shows in the quality of our work.
For more information on our furniture, please call (760) 699-7422 or stop by our showroom today!