Luxurious Interior Design Services

Modern Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen Interior - Interior Design Services in Palm Springs, CA
Living Room Interior Design - Interior Design Services in Palm Springs, CA
Our experienced interior designer has the eye and the knowledge to tackle any design project in Palm Springs, CA and the surrounding areas. From new homes to remodels, we do it all. We look at your project on an individual basis starting with a free consultation, where we discuss your preferences and vision, and come up with a plan that fits style and your space.
We do more than just pick out the colors and the theme. We work with you every step of the way, and handpick each and every design element for the room in question. With our attention to detail and our extensive showroom, you are left with a stunning environment that harmonizes with every other room in your home.

Rug Services

If your rug has seen better days, Palm Furniture and Design can help! We will bring your rug back to life with cleaning, restoration, and various repair services. While your item is being repaired, you can peruse our gallery of fine furniture and home decor pieces. You may even find a piece to go with your newly-restored rug!

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